I can't wait to put my goodness inside of you!

I can't wait to put my goodness inside of you!


Bettie is on Hiatus until further notice. Thank you 😙


6" Round $35 Feeds 6-8
8" Round $60 Feeds 15-20
10" Round $80 Feeds 25-30
12" Round $110 Feeds 50-55
Mini 2 Tier Round $60 Feeds 8-10 *1 flavor
Small 2 Tier Round $80 Feeds 20-25 *1 flavor
Medium 2 Tier Round $100 Feeds 40-45 *2 flavors
Small 3 Tier $90 feeds 30-35 *2 Flavors
Large 3 Tier $150 feeds 60 *3 flavors 
Plain Mini Cupcakes $1.00 Each
Plain Regular Cupcakes $2.00 Each
Plain Regular Cupcakes with Filling $2.50 Each
Mini Cupcakes with Design starts at $1.50
Regular Cupcakes with Design starts at $2.50 
Regular Cupcakes with Design plus Filling starts at $3.00

*Square cakes available at extra charge per tier 





Red Velvet


*I can make any flavor or filling you are wanting that is not on my list for an extra fee


Bavarian Cream




Small Fondant Bows $5

Large Fondant Bows $10

Fondant Number Toppers $5 Each

Fondant Name Toppers $1 Per Letter

Fondant Star Picks $1 Each

*Prices are usually the same for all cakes unless the cake you order will require a lot of detail...if this is the case...
the price will be determined upon ordering

* Customer is required to provide any figures or cake toppers

It is never to early to order your cake...but it can be to late.  We are already taking orders for next year so please call or text to reserve your date. 
We can discuss details closer to the date.

I can't wait to put my goodness inside of you! -Bettie

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From the Baker....

Welcome to Bettie Rocker Cakes!!!!
So I am a self taught baker.....(self taught???? one word or two? should it have a hyphen?)  Sorry ladies I tend to go off in different directions.....

About me? I am left handed....we are known for being creative...so I've heard.  I like to see the possibilities in things that no one can see.  It first started about 10 years ago, I wanted to take cosmetology in high school but we needed to go to a sister school for vocational.  During the tour most girls looked at me like they wanted to make me their bitch.....BONKERS!!!
So I took auto body....so I became certified in auto collision and ended up getting 1st in state.   After graduation I did absolutely nothing dealing with painting cars and then decided to take cosmetology as an adult.  Most of the girls were young and I was too old to talk to.  I learned to do hair and nails...became really good at it.  I just didn't want to get into a profession where I would cut someones hair off and they would cry....come on guys....it's hair!!!!! I have always been the only creative one in the family...so they tell me.  Or maybe they would just tell me because they want me to do everything.  Damn those people....they know how to get me.  Not only did I do hair and nails but I was the one they got to make mums for the homecoming games and baby showers.  I made flower arrangements, birthday bouquets, Easter baskets, wrapped gifts, I made invites, favors, games for birthday parties, wedding showers and etc.  I could pretty much make every aspect of any party, get together or any celebration we had except for the best part....the cake.  I have a sweet tooth and find myself thinking of all the bakeries around me and they all suck!!!!  I can make better cakes than that as I dish $40 bucks here and $50 bucks there.  Not knocking the bakeries but the cake always tastes low fat.  So I decided to take cake decorating classes since I knew already how to bake, however, all the classes are on the other side of town making it hard for me to attend with me hating driving and all.  I have read a few books, watched some videos on youtube and DVR'd Amazing Wedding Cakes for pointers.  I started making my family's birthday cakes and hot damn they are not bad.  This is my little business that has taken off from wanting to make at least one cake a weekend to being booked months in advance! All of my cakes are butter cream even though they look like fondant. I do use fondant for decorations like the toppers.  I do not do wedding cakes, I can not handle brides, they make me want to kill myself a little bit! If I charge you a crap load it's because you are ordering something that will take hours and hours of work.  So If you are feeling frisky give one of my cakes a chance and give me all your money so I can open a bakery.
Sincerely, The Genius